How to Make Iced Green Tea

During cold days, there’s no better way to warm up than with a hot cup of green tea. However, green tea can also be a great beverage on hot days. The trick to make it enjoyable when temperatures are high is icing the green tea before serving. Whether drunk cold or hot, green tea is packed with antioxidants that promote good health. This guide though will show you how to make iced green tea the healthy way.

iced green teaMaking iced tea is very easy and endlessly adaptable. Depending on your taste, you can brew it strong or light, sweetened or unsweetened, with flavor additives or plain. Various ways for brewing iced tea exist. Choosing the best method boils down to personal preferences, but here are some of the simplest ways to make iced green tea.

Method 1

Pour about 6 to 8 cups of hot (not boiling) water in a heatproof pitcher.
Tie the strings on 6 tea bags to the pitcher’s lid. This will allow for easy removal when done steeping. Close the lid and allow the water to cool for an hour.
Add in 2 slices of lemon for some citrusy zing and refrigerate the green tea for another 2 hours. Remove the tea bags, sweeten to your liking if desired then serve over ice.

Method 2

Add about 16 ounces of room temperature water into a drinking glass.
Insert one tea bag in the glass and move it back and forth for 15 seconds.
Chill the drink for one hour while keeping the tea bag in place. When ready, take the glass out of the refrigerator, remove the teabag, and enjoy your unsweetened iced green tea.

Method 3

In a saucepan, pour almost boiling water over loose green tea leaves. Cover the pan and steep for about 5 minutes.
Strain the loose green tea leaves from the water.
Stir in 2 cups of cold water and sweetener if required.
Let the green tea cool down to room temperature and serve over crushed ice.

Extra Tips for Preparing Healthy Green Tea

  • Do Not Boil Water – Just Heat It to The Right Brewing Temperature
    To avoid destroying the catechins, flavonoids, and other antioxidants found in green tea, heat the water within the range of 160 and 170 degrees F.
  • Use Filtered Tap Water
    Mineral water adds more nutrients to your cup of iced green tea. However, extra minerals can create off flavors when infused with compounds in green tea.
  • Use Fresh Loose Tea Leaves If Possible
    Loose green tea leaves are the least processed. Therefore, much of their nutritional value remains intact. The same cannot be said for powdered or bottled green tea, which go through processing that strips away some of the antioxidant content. Oils that give fresh tea leaves their flavor break down over time. Therefore, make sure to only use fresh, loose green tea leaves whenever possible.

With the above few tips, you can make the perfect cup of healthy, delicious iced green tea. Brewing your own iced tea is a great way to save money instead of visiting a coffee shop or fast food restaurant. More importantly, you can use zero calorie blends and limit how much sweetener to add when you make your own iced tea at home.

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