How Many Calories In Green Tea

Green tea is a popular beverage that experts claim will help you lose weight. With findings on human trials showing promising results, people are now flocking to grab their share of this herbal remedy in the hopes that it will help them shed a few pounds. But then again, how many calories are there in green tea? It’s no use drinking the tea to lose weight if it’s adding more calories into your body, right?

Well, the answer to this question depends on what type of green tea you consume and how it is prepared. Read on to learn about different varieties of green tea and the amount of calories they contain.

Types of Green Tea That Contain Calories

In most cases, processed types of green tea contain some amount of calories. The added caloric content comes from additives such as milk and artificial sweeteners. Manufacturers include these filler ingredients in their green tea blend in a bid to improve taste. And while there are many different brands, the types of green tea that have calories can be largely grouped into two categories:

  • Bottled Green Tea
    This type of green tea usually contains various forms of added sugar like high fructose, corn syrup, or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose. It’s important to point out that the calorie content in bottled green tea will mostly depend on the brand. For instance, one 8-ounce serving of Snapple Green Tea contains about 60 calories while an entire 17.5-ounce bottle will have up to 130.75 calories.
  • Powdered Green Tea
    Also called instant green tea, the powdered variety usually contains a combination of milk and sweeteners. The type of sweetener used in powdered green tea determines caloric content. A good example is the Island Tea Brand, which yields 22 calories for the xylitol sweetened variety or 30 calories when you opt for the sugarcane-sweetened option. If you prefer a brand with lower calorie content, Matcha green tea powder contains about 3 calories per serving.

pydcafsen_1000Calorie-Free Green Tea

Green tea contains zero calories in its purest form. Therefore, the least processed varieties are the best option when you want to brew a calorie-free cup of tea. Basically, there are two forms of green tea that can help you prepare a 0 calorie beverage to help you burn fat. These include:

  • Green Teabags
    These teabags usually come in 2g packages. You will have to steep the teabag in hot water to prepare the drink.
  • Loose Green Tea Leaves
    When using loose green tea leaves, simply heat them in a teapot before drinking. Loose leaves of green tea contain the least amount of calories and most potent ingredients.

Although unprocessed green tea is calorie-free, that won’t be the case if you drink it down with added sugar or other high-calorie additives to improve taste. Here’s a list of the calories in a cup of green tea after mixing it with some of the common sweeteners and flavor additives:

1 teaspoon white sugar (4.2g) = 16 calories
1 teaspoon brown sugar (4.6g) = 17 calories
1 teaspoon honey (10.5g) = 32 calories
1 slice lemon = 2 calories
8oz/1-cup whole milk 1% fat =103 calories

If you don’t like your green tea plain, there’s no problem sweetening the drink a little. Just remember not to go crazy with the sugar as that will defeat the purpose of trying to lose weight! You can also make up for added sugar in your drink by adopting a low calorie diet and exercising on a regular basis.

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